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Argox Barcode Printer CP-2140

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With our Supplying of Argox Barcode Printer CP-2140 you can Enjoy one year of Warranty, because customer satisfaction is our Number 1 Priority



Argox Barcode Printer CP-2140

Key Features:

• Big Capacity can install 300 meter ribbon.
• 32 BIT RISC Microprocessor.
• USB , RS-232 and Parallel have Multiple communication interfaces.
• Multiple paper sensor system to work best for different applications.
• Ribbon can be ink-outside or ink-inside is supported.
• Printing speed 5 inch per second.
• 4MB FLASH and 8MB SDRAM standard memory.
• Four Auto-Calibration Modes.
• Supports 1D/GS1 Data bar, 2D/Composite codes and QR barcodes.


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